This week some of you will have rejoiced, others recoiled in horror with Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that the Facebook newsfeed will show “less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will encourage meaningful interactions between people.” Do you understand how it will affect your brand marketing or are you waiting to comment on a stimulating conversation about it on Facebook?

A newsfeed algorithm that de-prioritizes content shared by brands and focuses more on posts shared by friends and family is bound to give more value to users and encourage positive conversation, Right? So as Zuckerberg tries to resurrect the raison d’etre for creating the platform in the first place, where does it leave brands trying to promote to potential customers? Some of our brands are viewing it as a welcome quality control measure and as every good business knows continuous improvement will always lead to better outputs. But as we can all appreciate not all content is created equal so for those brands who aren’t so great in this area, there’s quite a job to be done to raise the bar on content generation.

An overhaul of the news feed means that if brands want to be heard, then they need to start creating genuine conversation with users. Creating content that is strong enough to warrant being on their newsfeed… and any marketer worth their salt would say surely this should be their goal anyway?

There’s no doubt the algorithm change has spawned from the influx of video content Facebook has seen over the past few years. Brands have learnt and bought into the fact that on a basic scale, video content gets better engagement and so our feeds are awash with video content that is of no real value in our lives. The algorithm will recognise that ‘likes’ are not as significant as comments, and not only ANY comments, but lengthy comments which are widely looked upon as more meaningful. And so this news marks a change in how brands must view content creation if they are to feature in our social feed at all. The big question each brand now needs to ask is how can we add value for our audience and spark genuine conversation from it? Well that’s the long of it. And the short of it;

  • Don’t fall victim to using engagement bait by asking people to comment on silly things. Facebook finds it spammy and will continue to demote it.
  • Live video will continue to perform well under the new algorithm so keep capturing those prime sharable moments.
  • Remind loyal followers about the ‘see first’ option so they can always see your posts first in their newsfeed.
  • Try including questions in your post on real life current topical issues that people will want to comment on.
  • Continue to hone your content and always ask yourself; is this something I would want to see or read on my facebook page?
  • Influencer marketing has just had a huge boost – influencers who have an audience that they truly understand will be at a premium for most marketeers so you might want to negotiate sooner rather than later.

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